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Aggressive Colorado Lawyer Defends Clients Accused of Drug Crimes

More than two decades of experience fighting for constitutional rights

Complex Colorado drug laws expose state residents convicted of drug crimes to long prison sentences based on a variety of factors. At the Polansky Law Firm, we deliver an aggressive defense against charges of drug possession, sale or trafficking. Many drug prosecutions hinge on constitutional questions about the legality of searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment. With more than 25 years defending clients against drug charges, Attorney Lisa Polansky can identify flawed evidence where others can’t. No matter the specific charge or substance, we empower clients with the ability to assert their rights.

Trustworthy counsel in drug possession prosecutions

Lisa Polansky has a detailed knowledge of the legal principles that guide all drug cases and the specific details associated with individual drug offenses. Colorado law divides controlled substances into five classifications. Substances specifically addressed include:

  • Heroin and LSD — Convictions for possession of Schedule I drugs such as these are treated with the greatest severity.
  • Cocaine and methamphetamine — These substances are included in Schedule II due to their high potential for abuse.
  • Steroids and codeine — Schedule III substances such as these can be used for legitimate medical purposes, but they also carry a moderate risk of abuse.

We understand the relevant state and federal statutes and can explain in a free initial consultation what impact they have in your case.

A skilled litigator for controlled substance conspiracy cases

Colorado conspiracy law penalizes individuals for planning and overt acts related to criminal behavior. In many cases, this statute can be used by police or prosecutors to intimidate defendants or potential witnesses in controlled substance cases. Simple conversations, even innocuous acts, are sometimes used to bring a dubious conspiracy charge. Attorney Lisa Polansky will not be intimidated and will not let your rights be abused.

Assisting clients charged with drug trafficking

Drug trafficking charges are not just levied against dealers or drug lords. Sending some pain pills or a few ounces of marijuana to a friend might lead to a year in jail and a fine of up to $100,000. Charges can be filed in either federal or state courts, so a dedicated counselor with experience defending these matters is vital.

Dedicated advocacy when possession with intent to sell is alleged

When the amount of a controlled substance that someone possesses exceeds state limits for personal use, Colorado law is unwavering. You can be treated as a drug dealer even without specific indication of any sales. Common household items such as scales and plastic bags can be twisted by authorities into purported evidence of distribution. Even having cash in your home might lead to felony charges. At the Polansky Law Firm, we deliver the vigorous defense necessary to help prevent a costly mischaracterization leading to conviction.

Contact an experienced Boulder drug crime defense attorney

If you have been charged with any offense relating to a controlled substance, call the Polansky Law Firm at 720-449-3496 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.


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