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Lisa A. Polansky has been licensed to practice law since 1990 and is committed to providing quality legal representation in both state and federal courts in Colorado.  Ms. Polansky has taught trial skills at the University of Colorado, School of Law and has also trained lawyers for NITA (National Institute for Trial Advocacy), as an International Legal Fellow in Nepal, as a Supervisor in the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office and in a variety of programs on juvenile law, sentencing policy and on pretrial and trial advocacy skills.

Our firm is dedicated to protect our clients’ rights and defend them as they face the most serious charges and accusations.  As a former Deputy Public Defender and private practitioner, Ms. Polansky is comfortable in the courtroom and willing to take cases to trial if the government wishes to proceed and not dismiss or reach a reasonable disposition of the case.  Ms. Polansky has been successful in negotiating that there be no charges filed when the client retained our firm upon first contact with law enforcement.

The firm handles juvenile and adult criminal defense matters in federal court and state court throughout Colorado.  Please feel free contact us should you find yourself under investigation or have a pending case or if you would like to appeal a conviction or petition the court regarding a conviction or sentence. While we make no guarantees, Ms. Polansky has had great success in these types of cases, even when all seemed lost and the sentence was life without possibility of parole.

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Lisa Polansky as lead counsel for young man wrongfully convicted at age 15
released after 14 years in prison on a sentence of life imprisonment.

IMG_20140616_160731_920Denver, Colo. – Lorenzo Montoya was released from prison June 16, 2014 after reaching a plea deal days before a scheduled hearing that would have revealed significant Constitutional flaws in his conviction and new evidence casting serious doubt on his guilt. In January 2000, then fourteen-year-old Montoya was one of three Denver teens arrested and charged for alleged involvement in the brutal murder of a north Denver schoolteacher. Mr. Montoya, later convicted of felony murder and other charges, was sentenced to mandatory life without parole.

Mr. Montoya, now represented by lawyers from the Colorado non-profit Center for Juvenile Justice, a team of court appointed counsel, and a team of pro bono lawyers and paralegals from the law firm Cooley LLP, filed a petition in June 2013 in Denver District Court challenging his convictions. The challenge was based on egregious Constitutional violations, including ineffective assistance of counsel and incompetence to stand trial, and new evidence, including DNA.

Montoya’s new counsel, Lisa A. Polansky, Elizabeth Espinosa Krupa, and Peter J. Sauer, also succeeded in obtaining new DNA testing that produced powerful evidence of Mr. Montoya’s innocence. Additional new evidence included Montoya’s co-defendant, Nick Martinez, telling defense investigator, Gina Brovege, that Mr. Montoya had nothing to do with the brutal crime. In lieu of a hearing on Mr. Montoya’s claims or a new trial, the Denver District Attorney offered to dismiss all of the charges against Mr. Montoya and release him immediately in exchange for a guilty plea to accessory after the fact. The factual basis for this plea is that Mr. Montoya rode in a car stolen from the victim and did not reveal what he heard about the murder. After 14 years behind bars, including many in solitary confinement, Mr. Montoya pled guilty and was given a time-served sentence.

Lisa Polansky (credit: CBS)

Lisa Polansky (credit: CBS)

Polansky said his lawyers and the system failed him back in 2000: “He believed without a doubt in his mind that he would be freed because he was innocent.”

“Change needs to happen so this doesn’t happen again,” Montoya said.

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