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Janene K. McCabe

Janene McCabe is a determined and aggressive attorney with a proven record as a skilled courtroom litigator taking nearly 100 cases to trial.  She has a dedicated practice of criminal defense and represents individuals who are charged or pending charges in municipal, county and district court.

Janene works tirelessly to provide a thorough and effective defense.  Her clients appreciate the time she spends with them understanding the court-room battle and case preparation and her approach to dealing with the often traumatic and dehumanizing criminal court system.

Along with positive client results and relationships, Janene has gained the respect of her peers and legal community as a formidable litigator.  In 2009, Janene was named the Colorado State Public Defender of the Year, an honor reserved for those attorneys demonstrating exemplary work and dedication to clients and the public defender system.  Janene worked for the Colorado State Public Defender from 2001-2019.  She practiced in Arapahoe and Adams county and was then named as an administrator to the State Office as the Director of Technology Litigation, helping lawyers integrate technology into their practice.  Janene held supervisory positions including leading a county court team, providing training, guidance and mentorship.  She was also called upon to teach at the annual Public Defender Conference, and at local and regional trainings.

Janene joined the board of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar in 2014 and has been serving ever since.  She was asked to become a member of the National Association of Public Defense steering committee in 2015 and became the chair of the organization’s Fines and Fees Committee dedicated to finding ways to solve the unconstitutional imposition of jail sentences when people had an inability to pay court costs and fees.  Janene testified in Washington D.C. before the United States Commission on Civil Rights regarding this issue.


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